How to Become an Expert at Almost Anything

You can become an expert at anything by overriding your short term perspective, and realizing that today and this week is the blueprint for the rest of your life. On then will you begin to realize how important your habits are, and that you are an expert in whatever your habits involve.

Brian Tracy (a famous self development speaker/writer) says that most successful people have a long time perspective of things. This means that they constantly think of the future, and do the best they can in the present moment to improve the future moment. Warren Buffet (the famous invester) was excellent at working out the long term benefits of investing. He once gave his wife a car for her birthday at her request, but said later that he was confused at why she would want it because that money invested would have earned thousands.

So how do we gain a long term perspective? One way is to analyse your habits and work out their long term effects. For example if you read for 15 minutes a day that means you will read roughly 15 books a year. If you do this for 7 years you could have read the top 100 literary novels of all time; which would make you quite knowledgable. If you do a crossword every weekend that is 52 crosswords a year and 520 over 10 years, making you an expert at crosswords and probably a super vocabulary too. If you run twice a week, thats 1040 runs over 10 years and if you are running 6km each run that is 6240km. You would be extremely fit and an expert at 6km runs.

Lets focus on some of the nitty gritty stuff. All the time you are faced with decisions; leaving with you with 2 or more paths to take. Imagine at work you have a report handed to you at 4:30pm (you are meant to finish work at 5pm). You work out it’ll take about 1 hour to complete without distractions. You could decide to complete it now and get home half an hour later (but know you have an extra hour tomorow), or you could laze around for the last half an hour poking and prodding things but not really accomplishing anything. Lets blow these to large proportions. Imagine this decision is given to you every day for the rest of your life. This means that if you decide to do the report, you will gain 3650 hours over 10 years in your life, which is 152 days or doing anything you like. On the other hand, if you choose to not do the report and lose an hour tomorrow, you will lose those 152 days over 10 years. Basically you will either become an expert at productivity, or an expert at procrastination.

Remember that everything you do reinforces a habit. Watch carefully what you do, you could becoming an expert at watching television which helps you how?

Practice applying this formula to your tasks throughout the week; you may be surprised at how many things you can become an expert at if you just habitually do things once a day or week. You will become proficient at long term perspective and will probably iron out your life to a more focused lifestyle.

For the last 3 weeks I have been writing half a page with my left hand every day (I am right handed). I can now write as neatly as my right but still a lot slower; however the progress has been impressive. I also try to learn 3 new words everyday (which has proven tough to keep up). I may have to tweak it to 2 new words a day. But even if I keep up with 2 new words a day thats 7300 words over 10 years (we use around 2000 words on average in normal conversation during our lives).

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