Effective Sound Healing Made Simple

Sound is a powerful healing aid because it is naturally vibrational, an aspect that is also common in human beings. Sound healing intentionally makes use of sound to create an environment, which catalyzes physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual well being of a person. It involves a wide range of techniques and equipments, including tuning forks; crystal bowls and didgeridoos. One of the most commonly used and popular techniques for sound healing, in the medical industry, is the brainwave entrainment technology. The healing power of this method has been in use for quite some time due to the remarkable results it gives to patients.

There has been a long-time belief, among scientists and medical professionals, of the brain’s power to release certain substances and to undergo certain chemical reactions that accelerate the healing process. Note that the body does naturally produce these substances. Brainwave entrainment, as a healing method, helps with all forms of physical healing, emotional scarring as well as trauma. This method makes use of auto genetics, bin aural beats, biofeedback and affirmations. In order to give better results, the methods are sometimes combined, a practice that is quite common in the medical field.

In addition, there are other methods that are more radical such as the use of magnetic fields alongside headgear equipment. These methods are known to evoke similar brainwave patterns as those evoked by the use of auto genetics, bin aural beats, affirmations and biofeedback. Research done using various measuring equipment has shown that the Alpha state of the brain – ranges from 8Hz to 12Hz – is the low brain state of a human being. This state promotes healing since it stimulates the body’s immune system. The Delta state – 0.1Hz to 4Hz -, which is lower than Alpha stimulates the body to even deeper healing. In addition, it accelerates the body to produce more growth hormones.

Brainwave entrainment technology improves a person’s general positive outlook. Because of these feelings, the chemical reactions that take place improve the healing process as well as advance the state of therapeutic conditions such that a patient’s ailment is reduced significantly. For patients suffering from deep depression, emotional trauma scars and those with suicidal tendencies, this method is very useful. Besides that, brainwave entrainment is also used to heal physical scars such as wounds, cuts and burn scars.

Brainwave entrainment technology is currently the highest form of placebo in the industry. Initially, the technology was exclusively used in high-class hospitals and laboratories, but these days the technology has been availed to almost everyone as it is readily available. Actually, the bin aural beats can be easily found from the internet – in form of CD’s. Furthermore, the subliminal technology these days is packaged specifically for consumers, making it possible to anyone to access them just by logging online. This has made sound healing available to anyone, not only for emotional and physical healing, but for kicking bad habits as well. Brainwave entrainment technology is, furthermore, recommended because it is inexpensive, and one of the best ways to improve one’s self.

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